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September 13, 2022

What Questions Should You Ask Your Remodeling Contractor?

Before you start planning your setup or shopping for new appliances to place in your new garage ADU design, you must have the right contractor secured. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as making a quick Google search and choosing the first option available. Not all contractors are qualified for the job, whether by skill level or proper paperwork. 

The only way to make sure your contractor is reputable is by asking the right questions, and as a certified renovation company, the pros at ODM Construction know exactly what it means to be a pro. Find the right contractors by asking these simple questions throughout the process.

How Experienced Is Your Company?

Experience matters more than you may think. There are plenty of things that pop up that even the best contractors just can’t prepare for. You won’t believe how much value an experienced contractor can have, and it all starts with the company’s leader.

ODM Construction is led by Humberto Vasquez, who has more than 20 years of working for a major construction company, giving him the soft and hard skills needed to get any job done right. If you want a reputable company for your project, it’s best to prioritize an organization with experienced pros.

Do You Have Licenses and Insurance Certificates?

Even if license requirements vary by state, you don’t want to hire a company that isn’t licensed for the job. Licenses are the biggest proof that an organization can do the job required, so be sure to see evidence of the proper paperwork. Insurance also matters a ton, as it shows confirmation that you won’t be responsible for mishaps on the job. Liability and worker’s compensation also give you the peace of mind to know that remodelers are more focused on getting the job done right and not securing a big payday. 

What Remodeling Services Do You Provide?

It’s always good to know what your company offers. It provides you with more options for future projects and gives you a bit of comfort knowing that the team you’re working for has industry experience.

At ODM, we specialize in functional and comfortable home additions (adding rooms or more space to your home), in addition to our bathroom and kitchen renovations. There’s nothing inherently wrong with a company specializing in only bathroom or kitchen renovations. But it’s good to know that the one you’re working with is versatile and skilled enough to handle jobs all around your home.

Do You Have a Process You Follow for Each Project?

Every good company has a trusted process they follow. Consistency breeds success, and at ODM, we take pride in outlining the entire process for our clients. We handle it all, creating effective design plans with your approval. If you want a beautiful view of your future renovation, our 3D renderings are state-of-the-art, and you can even use them to make any necessary changes. We then provide architectural and structural plans to ensure we have the right design in place. 

Do You Have Any Previous Work?

Another good way to ensure you’ll get quality work is with a company that’s previously produced quality work. Having a solid collection of work is a good way for the company to express its versatility and allow prospective clients to imagine how its contractors’ talents impact their homes. A company without a portfolio — or evidence of any work at all — is one you should avoid. Check out our portfolio of work and find out how ODM Construction can improve your California residence.

Are There Any Warranties for Your Service?

Warranties are your protection against any defects or faulty materials and installations. Even small mistakes can lead to serious issues, and you don’t want to fork over double the money simply because you failed to check if the company had a warranty. If you want a safety net that can protect you against visible and hidden dangers, ask your company about its policy for warranties.

Our Remodeling Company Can Answer All Your Questions

A good remodeling company understands the magnitude of the job and can provide answers to all relevant questions. With ODM Construction, California residents can take advantage of our team and enjoy peace of mind and the best expertise in the region. From service options to questions about past work, our remodeling team provides all the information you need to feel confident in our work. If you’re searching for a garage, bathroom, or kitchen remodeling contractor in Agoura Hills or the surrounding areas, give ODM Construction a call today!

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