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Starting a New Project Could Never Be Easier with ODM Construction

We're a Design & Build Construction Company that have the experience, skills and expertise to take you through each step of the project – starting from the concept and design, moving through to the architectural and engineering work and bringing your new or remodeled home to life with quality construction.

As a homeowner, you are more than likely desire to improve one or more rooms in your home. Whether you consider artistic designs, comfort, and luxury, or remodels that are merely practical; everyone dreams about putting their unique stamp upon their home through remodeling and renovation.

Regardless of your budget or your style, ODM Construction is a highly reputed residential remodeling contractor in the Ventura and Los Angeles County, that offers a variety of services to construct those dreams into reality.


Our Work Speaks for Itself

We Handle It All ​


Design & 3D Renderings

Our award-winning remodeling designers will help you create an environment that’s beautiful, functional, personal, and perfectly suited to you and your family.


Arhitectural & Structural

Our team will create architectural drawings, structural drawings and calculations as per city requirements.

ODM Construction City Permits


Our team will submit plans for city approval, meeting authorities to expedite the process of permits issuing.

Meet Our General Contractor
Humberto Vasquez

As the owner and contractor of ODM Construction. I will be involved in everyday operations with daily visits at the job sites, including, architectural design, 3D rendering, project management, and client services. My crews and I are doing our best to satisfy our clients and have them enjoy their remodeling and new construction project while saving a great amount of money. Before a project starts, we learn about our clients' needs and help them get their dream homes to come true.
Call me at any time to ask a question, or to get any help. I look forward to hearing from you.


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Discover Why Homeowners throughout Southern California Trust in ODM Construction for New Construction Homes.



Step 1

Lets Meet


At ODM Construction, we see this as the beginning of our relationship. Whether you know what you want or you’re still thinking it through it. We will start with a 5 – 15 minutes with a conversation getting to know you and your goals regarding the space you’d like to remodel.
After gathering general information, finding out more about your future project. If we are a fit for each other. We will schedule a free in home consultation to meet with you to discuss your project in detail

Step 2

Complimentary Site Visit


We will come out to the site. You will meet the Contractor. We’ll discuss budget and initial price ranges. Custom home building has a lot of variables, so the price range will narrow the further along we get in this third phase. We will create the budget for your new custom home.

Step 3

Signing Phase


You’ll talk to our architects and choose the one who best understands your vision and your needs. For a $3,000 deposit, which is credited to your account once you sign on with us, we’ll manage the building consultations during the design phase so that both you and your architect stay on budget and understand the construction logistics involved in each decision. This collaboration ensures there are no surprises.

Step 4

The Construction agreement


Once you have a floor plan, you’ll decide if you want to move forward. You’ll get a final price and sign a contract. There are two contracts that we use; a fixed price, which comes with a cost and a handful of allowances for you to have when you’re making decisions on the details. There’s also a pricing model that follows a cost-plus option. In that case, you’ll have more flexibility in the pricing. Both models offer opportunities for savings, and we’ll talk about the best fit for you. We’ll also take care of the engineering , city permits, and HOA approvals.

Step 5

Pre-Start Meeting


The building begins. Depending on what we’re creating for you, the typical build time is between 8 and 10 months. The entire process from the time you make a decision to the time we hand over the keys is about 12 to 14 months. We don’t forget about you after the home is built. Once it’s ready, we host an open house so you can meet your new neighbors and enjoy showing off your new home to you friends and family members.

Step 6



When the majority of the construction is done, we will walk through with you and create a “touch-up” list that documents any items that are incomplete or unsatisfactory. Once this list is compiled, the touch-up crew will go through and take care of every item on the list to your satisfaction. It isn’t surprising to hear our clients say that their only regret is they wish they had remodeled sooner! The final newly remodeled space always makes the process worthwhile. We hope you enjoy your remodel for many years to come!

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