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ODM Construction is proudly celebrating over 25 years in business. We are one of Los Angeles’ premier residential contractors, offering exceptional craftsmanship, cost transparency and customer satisfaction.


Quality Craftsmanship

Our ability to provide clients with exceptional work, each and every time, and developing long-lasting relationships with our clientele, that separates us from the crowd. Behind the high ratings from the Yelp or Angie’s List, are our trusted general contractor Humberto Vasquez providing you with personalized and attentive service focused on listening carefully to your needs and desires.

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Our Services

Professional and Highly Qualified Contractor

New Construction​

Design-Build, our strength is in our experience and our design capabilities. We can offer new construction designs that are cutting edge. Imagine, your new home built to your discerning specifications with every detail accounted for.

Home Additions

The addition of one or more rooms will completely transform your home without losing all the charm that attracted you to It in the first place.

Home Remodeling

We offer comprehensive home remodeling to help you fully customize your home. Kavin Construction will breath new life into your home with a complete residentail remodel.

Kitchen Remodeling

It’s time to convert your kitchen to give it the appearance, storage, and configuration that you’ve always wanted. Your dream kitchen remodel starts right here.

Bathroom Remodeling

A custom bathroom remodel not only enhances the comfort and livability of your home, it also creates lasting value. Create a bathroom retreat that is valuable and luxurious.

Garage Conversion (ADU)

Add value & versatility to your home with a second small dwelling. ADUs are garage conversions or detached separate structures that can accommodate live-in family members or generate income from tenants.


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Our Contractor

Meet Humberto

As the owner and contractor of ODM Construction. I am involved in everyday operations with daily visits at the job sites, including, architectural design, 3D rendering, project management, and client services. My crews and I are doing our best to satisfy our clients and have them enjoy their remodeling and new construction project while saving a great amount of money. Before a project starts, by learning about our clients' needs and help them get their dream homes to come true. Call me at any time to ask a question, or to get any help. I look forward to hearing from you.


Our Work Speaks for Itself

ODM Construction is proudly celebrating over 25 years in business. We are one of Los Angeles’ premier residential contractors, offering exceptional craftsmanship, cost transparency and customer satisfaction.


At the Top​

ODM Construction a family-owned company founded by Humberto Vasquez. After 20 years of working for a major construction company in Southern California as a General Construction Manager overseeing 100+ employees. Starting as journeyman moving up his way up to be the General Construction Manager. He noticed throughout the years he observed that it was difficult to find a reliable and trustworthy contractor that can serve all of the client’s needs.

With that belief, ODM Construction was founded focusing on details and making sure your project is designed around you. We never forget how valuable your house is to you. We deliver on-time and on-budget quality construction.

We never low-bid to “win” the job, just to trick you with hidden charges later. 

We stand by our word and pride ourselves on being a transparent, and most importantly honest construction company. Strive for full satisfaction from our clients. Our goal, as a team, is to go above and beyond our client’s expectations.

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